MA/MS Theses and Research Projects

Namesort descending Title Year Committee
Benjamin Wheeler Using Social Media to collect Spatial Political Information for Decision Support 2016 XiaoHang Liu, Jerry Davis
Brian Crowley The Kem Water Bank: The Political Economy of California's Underground Water Infrastructure 2013 Nancy Wilkinson, Jason Henderson
Damon Burgett An object-based approach to streamflow estimation with remotely-sensed imagery. 2014 Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Dariya Draganova Learning about our Neighborhoods through Web Map Stories 2015 Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
David Prigge Using video to grasp bicyclists' perceptions of urban space 2014 Jason Henderson, Courtney Donovan
Deseret Weeks Mercury in the Cache Creek Watershed - Trends, Hot Spots and Ecosystem Services Analysis 2018 Leora Nanus, Jerry Davis, Jason Gurdak
Diana Halliday Environmental Perceptions, Values, and Attitudes of Residents Concerning Pilarcitos Creek 2015 Nancy Wilkinson, Courtney Donovan
Gregory Jocz You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: California's Experience with High-Speed Rail 2013 Jason Henderson, Courtney Donovan
Heather Co The Impact of Waste Management Policy on Marine Debris: A Case Study in San Mateo County 2017 Tendai Chitewere, Jennifer Blecha
Jarrad Fisher Butano Creek Floorplain Restoration Geomorphic Response 2017 Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius
Jeffrey Blumenthal Spatial Modeling of Oyster Drill Habitat Preferences in Richardson Bay, California 2017 Ellen Hines, Leora Nanus, Chela Zabin
Jessica Woodard Evaluation of Participation and Water Savings in EBMUD's Landscape Water Conservation Programs 2016 Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
Joseph Chojnacki Spatial Correlation of reef spur and groove morphometry with ocean wave properties 2016 Jerry Davis, Ellen Hines
Kelly Krotcova Tradeoffs of water security and adequate ecological protection during drought, Coastal California 2017 Leora Nanus, Jerry Davis
Lawrence Morris The importance of Key Actors to Urban Regime Formation in Berkeley California 2015 Qian Guo, Nancy Wilkinson
Marco Palmeri Modeling Power Outages During Hurricanes in the New York City Area 2013 Andrew Oliphant, XiaoHang Liu
Mitchell Wilkes Cartography Communication for a Search and Rescue Map 2018 Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius, John Isom
Raymond Rothwell Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Remote Sensing of Gully Systems Using Structure from Motion 2015 Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Sean Thomas Application of UAS methods for Wetland Analysis 2016 Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Shelby Goss Complete Streets for Whom? A Transportation Justice Analysis of Telegraph Avenue 2017 Jason Henderson, Nancy Wilkinson