Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships & Awards

For those who have not already, the Geography & Environment department would greatly encourage you all to apply for our current scholarship opportunities that are posted on Academic Works at

The David E. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

The David E. Johnson Memorial Scholarship in Geography & Environment honors David Johnson, a 1986 graduate of the department who worked as a transportation and environmental planner. Application information is available here.  Apply at:

The Pease Memorial Award

The Pease Memorial Award is a scholarship conferred annually by the Geography & Environment Department, and established by the family of Steven Pease, who taught climatology and remote sensing from 1975 to 1984, when he died of an allergic reaction to a malaria prevention drug. Application information will be posted here when it is available each fall.  Apply here: 




The Vance Award

The Jean Vance Award provides up to $500 of funding available to graduate students to help manage the costs of research and travelling.

San Francisco State University Office of Student Financial Aid Scholarship Information

This page offers a searchable database of scholarship opportunities, tips for successful applications, and contact information for staff members who can assist students.


College of Science & Engineering (CoSE) Scholarships

Scholarships for CoSE students are another great resource for our grad students.  Note that some are specific to departments.


Internships and jobs

Information about internships and jobs is posted on the bulletin board outside the department office. Nancy Wilkinson maintains an email list of opportunities for current students; contact her directly if you are not receiving these messages and you wish to.


CoSE Student Resource Center

Located in SCI 247, the CoSE Student Resource Center supports students in their academic and career goals, and provides information about internships.