Drops & Withdrawals SP2021

  • First, I wanted to remind you that we added functionality for students to initiate withdraw requests from their Student Center.  The system supports electronic review by required approvers.  This enhancement was pursued in support of the newly updated Academic Senate Policy on Withdrawal from Courses.
    • You can approve or deny these withdraw requests within your Faculty Center. You’ll receive an email when there is a withdraw request that requires your review.  Please review and approve or deny in a timely manner, so students can move forward with full information.
    • Our guide for instructors includes details on this process.  It is available on the Faculty/Staff Solutions site.
    • Review our new student-facing website with details about the policy and instructions for students.
  • Second, remember that you are authorized to instructor-drop students from your class who do not attend the first class meeting, who do not meet the course criteria, or who do not participate in the course as required during the drop period.  Make sure to drop students for Spring 2021 by Thursday, February 11, 2021.  
    • In January, we made the student-friendly decision again not to drop students for non-payment, in recognition of the unprecedented challenges they continue to face.  Since some students who do not plan to attend this spring may have expected to be dropped, dropping students who are not participating in your class is more important than ever this semester.  View this site for instructions on how to instructor-drop students.