MA/MS Theses and Research Projects

MA/MS Theses and Research Projects
Name Title Year Committee
Inner-City Neighborhoods in Transition: The Morphogenesis of San Francisco's Ethnic and Nonconformist Communities
Aariel Rowan Effects of Restoration on the Small Shorebird Carrying Capacity of a South Bay Mud Flat Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius
Aaron Dillon An Environmental History of the Bay Area Nursery Industry since 1940 Nancy Wilkinson, Qian Guo
Abdul Hameed Historical and descriptive geography of water development in West Pakistan: A case study of the Middle Indus Basin , Richard Hough, , Astvaldur Eydal
Abdul-Mohsen Al-Hijji Riyand As a Case Study of Urban Growth John Westfall, Burton Gordon
Adam McClure Error Reduction Techniques on a LiDAR Salt Marsh DEM Using RTK GPS XiaoHang Liu, Ellen Hines, Matthew Ferner
Adrian Sears A karst hydrochemical study of the Marble Mountain of northwestern California Jerry Davis, Nancy Wilkinson
Adrienne Aquino Impact of a Youth Public Art Program in San Francisco's Mission District Nancy Wilkinson, Qian Guo
Alan Furbush A Geographic Study of The Tuolumne Table Mountains , Astvaldur Eydal, , Robert Picker, , Kenneth Miller
Alan Kwok After the Fire: Disaster Perception and Preparedness of Older Adults Courtney Donovan, Nancy Wilkinson
Alan Wiig Producing Heritage: Presentations of the Gold Rush in Columbia, California Nancy Wilkinson, Courtney Donovan
Alex Roa Boots and Birkenstocks: Landowner attitudes about conservation easements in San Mateo County Nancy Wilkinson, Jennifer Blecha
Alice Glasner Community Gardening in San Francisco Nancy Wilkinson, Hans Meihoefer
Alicia Mariscal The Environmental History of an Urban Wetland: Arrowhead Marsh in Oakland, California Barbara Holzman, Ellen Hines
Alicia Omlid Sustainable Stormwater Management: Implementing Best Management Practices in San Francisco's Pandhandle Area Jerry Davis, Jason Henderson
Allan Frazier A Convenience Oriented Branch Bank Locations Model  Roger Crawford, John Westfall
Allison Barnes An Object-Oriented Classification of Impact Craters Using Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Data Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Allison Kelly Evaluating Fire Fuels in Northern California Oak Woodlands using Unmanned Aerial Systems Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis, Matthew Clark
Allison Nygaard Observing the Outcomes of a Place-Based Environmental Education Program Nancy Wilkinson, XiaoHang Liu
Ana Pelegrini Guimaraes Urban greenspace, bluespace, stress, and depression during pregnancy: San Francisco Bay Area Jerry Davis, Nancy Wilkinson, Anna Studwell, Lara Cushing
Andrea Sproul Evaluating Small Dam Removal Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
Andrea Dransfield Hotspot Analysis of Humpback Whales along Cordell Bank and Gulf of the Farallones, Central California Ellen Hines, Barbara Holzman, Jaime Jahncke
Andrew Maxwell Mapping and Habitat Analysis of the California Endemic Tree, Torreya Californica, in Marin County Jerry Davis, Tom Parker, Georg Treichel
Andrew Richardson Identification and Prioritization of Prescribed Burn Sites in the Crystal Springs Watershed Jerry Davis, Nancy Wilkinson
Andy Peri Habitat Assessment of Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio, Mill Valley, California Jerry Davis, Nancy Wilkinson
Angie Yu The San Bruno Mountain Area Habitat Conservation Plan: A Comparative Case Study Ellen Hines, Qian Guo
Anica Williams The Effectiveness of Environmental Education in Increasing Environmental Literacy and Responsible Behavior Barbara Holzman, Edna Wangui
Ann Dolmage Recycled Water Use in San Benito County Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
Ann Melamed To Eat Dusty Bread: The Migration Experiences in the Western Landscape of Middle-Class, African-American and Mormon Women in the 19th Century Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
Anna Studwell Predicting Nonresident Seabird Foraging Habitat to Inform Conservation Planning Ellen Hines, Barbara Holzman, Jaime Jahncke
Anna Davenport Modeling Geomorphic Effects on Eelgrass Before and After Restoration, Nisqually Delta, Washington Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius
Anne Atkinson An Environmental History of Maunalua Bay and its Watershed Barbara Holzman, Nancy Wilkinson
Anne McTavish The Role of Critical Cartography in Environmental Justice: Land-Use Conflict at Shasta Dam, California Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
Annette Olson Fire in the Berkeley Hills: A Geographic Analysis Jerry Davis, Nancy Wilkinson
Aprile Smith The Influence of Roadway Features on Pedestrian Collisions in San Francisco, California Jason Henderson, XiaoHang Liu
Arnold Thompson Water Repellency, Soil Moisture Surface Runoff and Soil Erosion Under Eucalyptus Canopy vs. Oak Canopy in Coastal California Jerry Davis, Andrew Oliphant
Austen Lorenz Classifying Meadow Hydrogeomorphic Types with LiDAR and Multispectral Imagery using OBIA Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Becky Quinlan Individual Response to Flooding in the Trinity River Basin, Texas Nancy Wilkinson, Edna Wangui
Benjamin Wheeler Using Social Media to collect Spatial Political Information for Decision Support XiaoHang Liu, Jerry Davis
Bernard Taylor Natural Conditions Influencing the Location of Citrus Groves in Western Stanislaus County, California Max Kirkeberg, Robert Picker
Beverley Evans Burlingame: Evolution of a Suburban Landscape , Burton Gordon, , Astvaldur Eydal
Biniam Mengisteab Artisinal gold mining activities and forest loss in upper Mazaruni Territory, Guyana, between 1986 and 2013 Leonhard Blesius, XiaoHang Liu, Logan Hennessy
Bonnie Carroll The Landscape of Divorce in Reno, Nevada 1931-1960 Nancy Wilkinson, Max Kirkeberg
Brandon Jebens A Historical Geography of Disturbances Within the Redwood Creek Watershed, Marin County, California Nancy Wilkinson, Hans Meihoefer
Brian Harvey Post-Fire Succession and Stand Dynamics in a Pinus muricata (Bishop pine) Forest, Point Reyes National Seashore (1995-2009) Barbara Holzman, Jerry Davis
Brixby Larzelier Expanding the scope of the 'geographical imagination': Comics-making as embodied approach Courtney Donovan, Nancy Wilkinson, Nick Sousanis
Byung-Woo Lim An Analysis of The Geographic Residential Patterns of San Francisco State College Faculty and Staff Roger Crawford, Richard Hough
Caitlin Jensen Spatial and Temporal Variability in Shipping Traffic around San Francisco Bay Ellen Hines, Barbara Holzman, Jessica Redfern
Caleb Feldman Grassroots Science: Power, Knowledge, and Participation in the San Francisco Bay Barbara Holzman, Courtney Donovan
Carla White Mortality Distribution in San Francisco Max Kirkeberg, Hans Meihoefer, Robert Picker
Carlos Jennings Estimating PM 2.5 concentrations using MODIS and meteorological measurements for the San Francisco Bay Area Andrew Oliphant, Leonhard Blesius
Carole Abrew Patterns and process of change in Oakland, California , Jean Vance, , Robert Picker
Carole Garcia Lessons Learned: Effective Mitigation for Large Dams in SE Asia. Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
Cary Karacas The Haight-Ashbury's Trial by Public Space: A Case Study in Locational Conflict Nancy Wilkinson, Qian Guo
Casey Cleve Using GIS to Predict Potential Sierra Nevada Red Fox Habitat Barbara Holzman, Ellen Hines, John Perrine
Cassa Grant Selling the City of Oz: Promoting development with green branding in San Francisco Nancy Wilkinson, Qian Guo
Catherine Huybrechts Mapping Egeria densa using satellite imagery and a computer-assisted algorithm Patricia Foschi, Ellen Hines, Cindy Schmidt
Celeste Birkeland Sacred Geography: Rock Sites in Northern and Central California  Barbara Holzman, Nancy Wilkinson
Chad Steacy Discourse in the Abandoned Small Town: Toward a Critical Geography of Decline Jason Henderson, Courtney Donovan
Charleen Gavette The Dispersal, Distribution, and Disposition of Released Rehibilitation Pinnipeds Hans Meihoefer, Georg Treichel
Charles Brandt Bates Multi-temporal DEM and Land Use Analysis for Determining Gully Formation Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Charles Brigham Structured and Dynamic Spatial Pattern of Rainfall in the City of San Francisco Andrew Oliphant, Jerry Davis
Charlotte Hummer An Examination of San Francisco State University Students' Perceptions of Potable Reuse Nancy Wilkinson, Leora Nanus
Charlotte Ely Investigating Parcel Changes to Understand Historic Land Use in a Southwestern Watershed Nancy Wilkinson, Jason Henderson
Cheryl Schudel A Phytogeographical Study of Buckeye Canyon: San Bruno Mountain Hans Meihoefer, Burton Gordon
Chris Falbo Surface Soil Erosion in Solano County, California and the Influence of Slope, Climate, and Land Use Hans Meihoefer, Jerry Davis
Christa Meier Investigation of the carbon dioxide exchange over a living roof in San Francisco Andrew Oliphant, Jerry Davis
Christina Grosso Mountain Lake: its function and compatibility as a recreational area and native habitat Barbara Holzman, Jerry Davis
Christina Horrisberger Uniform stormwater governance in a diverse landscape: Rescaling and NPDES requirements in San Mateo County, California Nancy Wilkinson, Jason Henderson
Christine Baird Suburban Landscapes: Tracts Built by Eichler Homes in the 1950's Nancy Wilkinson, John Westfall
Christine Carolan The Impact of Immigration Organization and Leadership on San Francisco's Land Use Qian Guo, Nancy Wilkinson
Christopher Exline The Conversion of The Cotati Valley, California Into a Suburban Landscape Hans Meihoefer, John Westfall, Risa Palm
Christy Camp Golden Gate Heights Natural Areas, San Francisco: A Biogeographical Analysis Barbara Holzman, Jerry Davis
Clinton Miller Evolution of the Cultural Landscape of the Half Moon Bay Area, California , Gordon Burton, , Walter Olson
Craig Wright The Impacts of Hydroelectric Development on Biological Diversity Hans Meihoefer, Roger Crawford
Cynthia Comerford Scully The Use of Spatial Data to Improve Public Health Planning Ellen Hines, XiaoHang Liu
Cynthia Powell Using MODIS and Precipitation Data to Create a Stochastic Water Runoff Forecasting Model for the Mokelumne River Basin in the Sierra Nevada Range, California (2000-2010) Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Dalma Bane The Geographical Distribution of Rinderpest in Africa and Its Effect on Wildlife and Livestock Management , George Treichel, , Robert Picker, , Hal Markowitz
Dan Hermstad Tomato Seed Networks of CSA Farmers in the San Francisco Bay Area Nancy Wilkinson, Qian Guo, Bacon
Daniel Davis Tropical Deforestation and Climatic Change Hans Meihoefer, Nancy Wilkinson
Daniel Scollon Spatial Analysis of the Tidal Habitat of the Suisun Song Sparrow Roger Crawford, Jerry Davis
Daniel Taylor The Impact of Culture Change on Land Use in A Selected Site in Northern Uganda Max Kirkeberg, Georg Treichel, , Waltor Olson
Danielle Mazzella Assessing low-income women's access to housing and health care in San Francisco XiaoHang Liu, Tendai Chitewere
Dara OBeirne Measuring the Urban Forest: Comparing LiDAR derived tree heights to field measurements Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius
Dariya Draganova Learning about our Neighborhoods through Web Map Stories Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
Darren Blackburn Investigations of Carbon and Water Fluxes in a Sierra Nevada Meadow Andrew Oliphant, Jerry Davis
David Anderson Biogeography and Application of its Principles to the Examination of Biotic Patterns of Rodeo Lagoon Roger Crawford, Hans Meihoefer
David Collins A Day's Journey: Porters, Roads, and Towns in Prehispanic Mesoamerica Jeffrey Bury, Jerry Davis
David Freitag Lost in the Fog: An Environmental History of Lake Merced Barbara Holzman, Max Kirkeberg
David Hall Coyote recolonization and human perception in West Marin County, California Barbara Holzman, Nancy Wilkinson, Judd Howell
David Hubbell The Phenomenon of Discountinuous Urban Growth Examined in Three Geographic Settings , Robert Picker, , Jean Vance
David Kamil City on the Brink: An Atlas of San Francisco, 1940-1950 Max Kirkeberg, Hans Meihoefer
David Landau The Olive in the Mediterranean and in California: A Study in Historical Development and Current Conditions Hans Meihoefer, Burton Gordon
David Mayfield Ecology of the Pre-Spanish San Francisco Bay Area John Westfall, Burton Gordon, , Kenneth Stocking
David Prigge Using video to grasp bicyclists' perceptions of urban space Jason Henderson, Courtney Donovan
David Toy Local Decision Factors in Implementing Municipal Food Scrap Collection Programs in California XiaoHang Liu, Jennifer Blecha
David Tricamo Rural Nanai of the lower Amur river : Geography of socioeconomic and cultural conditions Nancy Wilkinson, Robert Picker
Deborah Dorland Two post-glacial pollen records from Myers Grade Marsh and Grass Lake, El Dorado County, California , Rene Barendregt, , Burton Gordon, , George Batchelder, , Thomas Niesen
Deborah Dwyer Integrating GIS and GPS to Manage Natural Resources in Local Environments: San Francisco Natural Areas Barbara Holzman, Jerry Davis
Deborah Smith The Development of a CLAES Verification Dataset for Polar Stratospheric Cloud Detection Patricia Foschi, John Westfall, Oswaldo Garcia