MA/MS Theses and Research Projects

Name Title Year Committee
Allison Kelly Evaluating Fire Fuels in Northern California Oak Woodlands using Unmanned Aerial Systems 2022 Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis, Matthew Clark
William Wiskes Identification of Abandoned Logging Roads in Point Reyes National Seashore 2022 Leonhard Blesius, Ellen Hines
Nicholas Fetherston Effects of Restoration on Water Quality in a Sierra Nevada Meadow 2021 Leora Nanus, Jerry Davis
Jolene Bertetto Investigating the role of vegetation on midafternoon microclimates in a residential courtyard 2021 Andrew Oliphant, Leora Nanus
Julian LoGiudici Assessment of Alpine Lakes Exceeding Critical Loads of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition in the Greater Yellowstone Area 2020 Leora Nanus, Jerry Davis
Sarah Gomes Coastal fog and butterflies: How does microclimate impact butterfly habitat in San Francisco 2020 Sara Baguskas, Andrew Oliphant, Laura Burkle
Raymond LeBeau Biogeomorphic effects of beaver dam analogs on stream systems in a montane meadow 2020 Jerry Davis, Sara Baguskas
Brixby Larzelier Expanding the scope of the 'geographical imagination': Comics-making as embodied approach 2018 Courtney Donovan, Nancy Wilkinson, Nick Sousanis
Shelby Goss Complete Streets for Whom? A Transportation Justice Analysis of Telegraph Avenue 2017 Jason Henderson, Nancy Wilkinson
Joseph Chojnacki Spatial Correlation of reef spur and groove morphometry with ocean wave properties 2016 Jerry Davis, Ellen Hines
Sean Thomas Application of UAS methods for Wetland Analysis 2016 Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Dariya Draganova Learning about our Neighborhoods through Web Map Stories 2015 Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
David Prigge Using video to grasp bicyclists' perceptions of urban space 2014 Jason Henderson, Courtney Donovan