B.A. Geography

Geographers study physical and biological environments, human societies and their spatial interactions, and utilize both environmental science and social science perspectives. Geographers seek to analyze the processes, spatial patterns and consequences of human-environment interaction, and address issues of sustainability, using maps, fieldwork and geospatial technologies such as GIS to solve real-world problems. Foci in Geography include : Resource ManagementPhysical GeographyEnvironmental Studies,Techniques in Geographic AnalysisHuman Geography, and Urban and Land Use PlanningThe undergraduate major core courses introduce foundational concepts in physical and human geography, as well as geographic techniques. An upper division distribution requirement gives students more focused work in physical environment, human geography, regional geography and applied geography or geographic techniques. Each student also develops a focus of interest based upon 12 units of upper division course work related to a coherent theme. Students should meet with an advisor, and bring an advising sheet to help decide on the best path through the major. (Note:  The Advising Sheet may not be sufficiently accessible for all students; advisers can fill these out for students requiring assistance.)


Minor in Geography

The Geography Minor consists of a core curriculum of three lower division courses plus 12 units of upper division geography electives on advisement. These courses may be organized around coherent themes such as those described for the major. However, groupings of courses specifically appropriate to majors in other departments or programs such as International Relations, Geosciences, or Urban Studies are particularly recommended.


Note:  MS Word and PDF Documents accessed in links may not be accessible to all students.  Faculty advisers can provide this information for any students needing assistance.

Graduate Programs