How to Withdraw Students

This depends on when it is:

  • Before the drop deadline, early in the semester, don't withdraw, just drop them using the grading roster. 
  • After the drop deadline, but before the normal withdrawal deadline, about a month before the end of classes:
    1. If the student requests a withdrawal, submit a Withdrawal Petition to the department, showing the rationale from the student which is for serious and compelling reasons but does not require documentation.
      • Serious and compelling reasons include: instructor error, serious personal, familial or medical, documented disability, serious financial or job-related issues, change in care of a dependent, military service, death of a close relative.
      • They do not includerisk of poor grade, stopped attending, don't need the class, took too many units, change major, commute, social commitments.
    2. Login to SFSU, selecting Class Services for faculty and staff
    3. Use the Login button under Class Services - Grade Exception processing 
    4. Scroll down to Class Services, and click Grade Exception processing
    5. In the Dashboard, go to Request Withdrawals
    6. Select the class.
    7. For the student, pull down the Grade enter W and enter the Justification based on what the student provided as rationale on the form.  The date should be populated for the current date.  
      Note:  If a student has simply disappeared, and it doesn't look possible to assign a grade, a WU can be assigned but this could wait until the end of the semester, since no documentation would exist (nor is required) for a WU.  A WU is the equivalent of an F for computing grade-point average.
    8. Click Submit Withdrawal at the bottom of the window.
  • After the normal withdrawal deadline but before the Withdrawal by Exception with Documentation deadline, approximately at the end of classes, students similarly submit a Withdrawal petition to the department, but now it requires documentation.  Follow the above instructions.  Documentation is stored in the department office.
  • Any later withdrawal petitions are a Retroactive Withdrawal, with paper petition only, also requiring documentation. For retroactive withdrawals, a student should be withdrawing from ALL courses in the past semester since hardship is not course-specific.  If a student asks for retroactive withdrawal from one or some courses, an explanation must be provided as to why the hardship affected one/some courses, but not others, and documentation of the hardship is ALWAYS required. See the department office for any questions.