Human Geography

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The following courses should be considered, as well as methods for studying them.

  • GEOG 422: Environmental Perception
  • GEOG 423: Geographic Perspectives on Gender
  • GEOG 425: Economic Geography
  • GEOG 427: Geography of Agriculture and Food Supply
  • GEOG 432: Urban Geography
  • GEOG 434: Geography of Health and Health Care
  • GEOG 445: Political Geography
  • GEOG 454: San Francisco on Foot
  • GEOG 455: Geography of Ethnic Communities
  • a 500-level Geography course (regional)


In addition, Geographic Internships (GEOG 688) are available which can lead to a career opportunity. This can be taken for 2-6 units after a major has completed 15 units of geography. Courses in English composition and computer literacy are strongly recommended. Foreign language skills are also advised.


In addition to government service employment, liberal arts graduates have better track records to high management business levels than do narrow specialists. Studying human geography is appropriate to a career in teaching or working in industries such as publishing which utilize writing and editing skills. Public relations and research positions also are employment options.