The Urban Environment, Transportation and Land Use

River photoCareers in planning involve analyzing and preparing site plans, developing zoning ordinances, as well as completing environmental impact reports and comprehensive master plans. Planners evaluate the appropriateness of particular activities for given locations and identify alternative locations for given activities. Land use mapping and environmental analysis are basic to these tasks. Computer-based geographical information systems are particularly useful in this inventory and analysis. Planners formulate community goals and policies, and establish criteria by which to evaluate proposals.

  • Geog 422: Environmental Perception
  • Geog 423: Gender, Environment & Development
  • Geog 425: Economic Geography
  • Geog 427: Agriculture and Food Supply
  • Geog 432: Urban Geography
  • Geog 433: Urban Transportation
  • Geog 434: Geographies of Health & Health Care
  • Geog 435: Geography of Global Transportation
  • Geog 455: Geography of Ethnic Communities
  • Geog 601: Field Methods in Human Geography
  • Geog 603: Introduction to Geographic Information Analysis
  • Geog 651: San Francisco Bay Area Environmental Issues
  • Geog 652: Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Geog 658: Land-Use Planning
  • Geog 666: Geography of Garbage: Recycling & Waste Reduction
  • Geog 667: Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty & the Environment


An upper division techniques course to supplement the distribution requirement is recommended. In addition, Geog 688, a Geographic Internship, is recommended. Internships with various agencies can familiarize you with entry-level positions.


Courses in other departments on individual advisement

In planning your GE program and degree electives, incorporate courses from Biology and Geosciences, as well as Urban Studies and Planning.



City and county planning departments; regional planning agencies; Association of Bay Area Governments, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and the California Coastal Commission; the Nature Conservancy; environmental consultants.