Graduate Students

MA includes the regular MA in Geography and the Concentration in Resource Management & Environmental Planning.  MS listings are for Geographic Information Science.  Also see theses in progress and completed MAs and MSs.  If your information is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know:  


Program Last Degree and Institution Academic Interests
Brandt Bates MS B.A. Environmental Studies, 2011, UC Santa Cruz GIS, Cartography, Hydrologic Mapping, Network Analysis
Wendy Bear MA    
Jolene Bertetto MA    
Finn Black MA    
Jeff Blumenthal MA B.A. Government and Environmental Studies, 1999, Wesleyan University Natural Resources Management and Environmental Planning, Food Systems, Agroecology 
Naama Brenner MA B.A. Geography, 2004, Haifa University, Israel  
Damon Burgett MA    
Joseph Chojnacki MS B.A. Biology, 1999, Lewis & Clark College Marine Geomorphology, Species Distribution
Quentin Clark MA B.A. Geography/Political Science, 2009, University of Oregon; GIS Grad Cert, 2015, Portland State University GIS, Biogeography, Invasive Species Ecology, GPS Data Collection
Heather Co MA    
Ryan Cooksey MA    
Brian Crowley MA    
Max Czapanskiy MS B.S. Computer Science, 2014, Columbia University Marine Ecology, Seabird Behavior, Foraging Dynamics
Ellen Doudna MA B.A. Women's Studies, 1989, Oberlin College Natural Resource Management, Soil Conservation, Climatology, Biogeography
Dariya Draganova MA B.S. Physics, 2008, Harvey Mudd College Water Pollution, Natural Resource Management, Community Environmental Education, GIS Web Applications
Paul Dunn MS B.A. Business, 1995, Simpson College Biogeography, Climatology, Remote Sensing, Forest Ecosystem Biodiversity Modeling
Jarrad Fisher MS    
Yael Golan MA B.A. Economics and Communications, Tel Aviv Urban Geography, Urban Environmental Policy, Transportation Planning, Land Use, Urban Agriculture
Reece Golz MA    
Shelby Goss MA    
Diana Halliday MA B.A. Global Studies, 2008, CSU Monterey Bay Sustainability and Agriculture
Miles Henriksen MA B.S. 2003, UC Santa Cruz GIS
Travis Holer MA    
Charlotte Hummer MA B.A. Anthropology, 2013, SFSU Water resources, urban water management, wastewater managemnet, wastewater reuse
Kerstin Kalchmayr MA B.S. Zoology, 2005, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa Natural Resource Managemeent, Coastal/Estuarine Restoration, Climate Change Mitigation, Water Resources, GIS
Kelly Krotcova MA    
Melissa Kent MA B.A. Women Studies, 2002, SFSU Natural Resource Management, Marine Protected Areas, GIS
Amanda King MS B.S. Geology, 2013, CSU Stanislaus GIS, Water Management, Remote Sensing
Kelly Krotcova MA B.L.A. Landscape Architecture, 2005, Iowa State University Water Resources, Sustainability, Conservation & Environmental Planning
Benjamin Lamb MA    
Stephanie Larzelier MA    
Rosie Linares MA    
Erika Lindstrom MA    
Austen Lorenz MS    
Jackie Marquez MA    
Michelle Matranga MA    
Danielle Mazzella MA B.A. Sociology, 2013, UC Santa Cruz Resource Management, Water Policy, Land Use Planning
Misty McKinney MA B.A. Geography, 2007, San Jose State University
Waste Management, Water Resources, Watershed Management, GIS
Christa Meier MA B.A. CSU East Bay  
Illiana Padilla MA    
Marco Palmeri MA    
Jasleen Pannu MA B.A. Environmental Studies, 2012, U.C. Santa Cruz Political Ecology
Bill Parker MA    
David Prigge MA B.A. Urban Studies, 2010, San Diego State University Bicycling, Perception, Videography/Visual Methods
Tom Robinson MS B.S. Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution, 1999, U.C. San Diego Local-scale Conservation, Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation, Land Use Policy
Ray Rothwell MS B.A. Environmental Studies, 2011, SFSU Urban Geography, Infrastructure, Low-Impact Development, Environmental Justice, Statistics, GIS, Remote Sensing
Micha Saloman MA    
Bettina Schiffman MA B.A. American Studies, 2002, UC Santa Cruz Post-fire geomorphic response, Sierra Nevada.
Tori Seher MA    
Shelly Shatford MA    
Thad Shelton MA    
Jessica Sloan MA B.A. Geography, 2011, UC Berkeley California, the Sierra Nevada, Geomorphology, Natural Resource Management
Andrea Sproul MA B.S. Geography, 2008, University of Georgia Natural Resource Management, Geomorphology, GIS
Zoe Statman-Weil MS    
Sam Stein MA B.S. Environmental Science, 2013, University of Nevada Water Security, Wetland resources
Jack Swallow MA    
Sean Thomas MA B.A. Geography, 2012, SFSU Coastal/Marine Resources, Natural Resource Management, GIS
Gene Waddell MA B.A. Urban Studies, 2009, SFSU
Deseret Weeks MA B.A. Geography and Environmental Studies, 2016, University of California Los Angeles Earth Systems, Climate Change Indicators, Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Resilience, Cartography, Biogeography
Khristina Wenzinger MA B.A. English, 2002, UC Berkeley Urban Planning, Land Use Planning, Transportation Policy, Agriculture and Food Systems
Logan Wenzler MA    
Benjamin Wheeler MS B.A. Geography, B.S. Environmental Science, B.S. Environmental Economics and Policy, 2013, UC Berkeley Remote Sensing, WebGIS, Decision Support Systems, Demographics
Mitchell Wilkes MS B.S. Landscape Architecture, 1992, UC Davis Geography, Cartography, and that magical place where art and science meet
Jessica Woodard MA B.A. International Development and World Religion, 2008, McGill University Water resources, climate change, GIS, and cartography