Graduate Students

Name Program Last Degree and Institution Specialties
Charles Brandt Bates
Danny Fung M.A. Geography: Resource Management & Environmental Planning

B.S. Earth Science. The University of Hong Kong.

Dariya Draganova M.A. Geography

B.S. Physics, 2008. Harvey Mudd College.

Water Pollution, Natural Resource Management, Community Environmental Education, GIS Web Applications
David Prigge M.A. Geography

B.A. Urban Studies, 2010. San Diego State University.

Bicycling, Perception, Videography/Visual Methods
Deseret Weeks M.A. Geography

B.A. Geography and Environmental Studies, 2016. University of California Los Angeles.

Earth Systems, Climate Change Indicators, Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Resilience, Cartography, Biogeography
Eliza Bailey M.A. Geography
Erika Lindstrom M.A. Geography
Jack Swallow M.A. Geography
Jarrad Fisher M.S. Geographic Information Science
Jessica Woodard M.A. Geography: Resource Management & Environmental Planning

B.A. International Development and World Religion, 2008. McGill University

Water resources, climate change, cartography/GIS