Max Czapanskiy MS Geographic Information Science 2018: College of Science & Engineering Hood Recipient at SFSU Commencement

Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 16:31
Max Czapanskiy

Max Czapanskiy, MS Geographic Information Science (2018).

From SF State News

After three years of working as a software developer for Microsoft, Max Czapanskiy decided a desk job wasn’t for him. So he quit — and took a job studying seabirds on an island off the coast of Alaska.

Now Czapanskiy studies how wind patterns affect the movement of seabirds in Hawaii and is completing his master’s degree in Geographic Information Science. He’s currently preparing two publications based on his thesis research. “I love figuring out how systems work,” he said. And the ocean and its inhabitants are a system overflowing with questions.

Czapanskiy has won both the Maxwell Scholarship and the Graduate Writing Award at SF State, and twice worked as a teaching assistant in geographic information systems courses. He’s also become a mentor for younger students. “As I’ve transitioned from being a junior to a senior member of the lab, it’s been a pleasure passing on what I know to the newer students,” he said.

In the fall, he’ll start pursuing his Ph.D. at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station, where he’ll study the movement of large whales.