Jason Henderson

Jason Henderson
Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2002

Contact Information

HSS 269


Specialties: Urban Transportation, Politics of Mobility, Bicycle Transportation, Transit, Parking.

Jason Henderson is Professor of Geography & Environment at San Francisco State University. His researchfocuses on the ‘politics of mobility’ and examines how culture, politics, and economics shape urban transportation.  Jason is author of Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in San Francisco, and co-author of Low Car (bon) Communities: Inspiring Car-Free and Car Lite Urban Futures. He has published articles in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Antipode, Urban Geography, the Journal of Transport Geographyand several book chapters in academic books on sustainable transportation and the politics of the automobile.  

Jason is currently writing a book about the politics of the bicycle and the car in Copenhagen, Denmark.  He is also examining the politics of “tech mobility” (driverless cars, TNC’s, and private transit) in Silicon Valley. 


Intro to Human Geography (Geog 102): Geography and global warming, globalization of the economy, global urbanization patterns, population and resources; transport geographies. 

Urban Transportation (Geog 433): Automobility and global warming, bicycles, public transit (Muni/BART), transportation finance (taxes/tolls), public versus private transport; Emphasis on San Francisco Bay Area. 

Comparative Global Transportation (Geog 435):Case studies of sustainable urban transport in cities around the world; What can San Francisco learn from other cities and metropolitan regions? Car ownership, bicycles, rail and bus transit, parking, finance, political culture. 

Bicycle Geographies (Geog 437): Why bicycle? What are opportunities for increased cycling? How can SF State and the Bay Area increase cycling? History, debates, planning, politics, culture, and bicycle field trips!  

Land Use Planning (Geog 658) :Urban planning and global warming, sprawl and density, environmental review, parking, zoning, planning process. 

Graduate Seminar (858):Seminar in Transportation, Land Use, and Environment

Web page: https://geog.sfsu.edu/person/jason