Geographic Association Between Incidence of Acute Appendicitis and Socioeconomic Status

Getis-Ord Gi* is a regression-based geographic method that identifies clusters of spatially associated geographic subunits such as census tracts at 90, 95, and 99 percent confidence levels. A, Analysis for AA and identifies hot and coldspots for age- and sex-standardized incidence of AA. B, Analysis for PA and identifies hot and cold spots for age- and sex-standardized incidence of PA.
Reece A. Golz, MA; David R. Flum, MD, MPH; Sabrina E. Sanchez, MD, MPH; XiaoHang Liu, PhD; Courtney Donovan, PhD; F. Thurston Drake, MD, MPH
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JAMA Surgery
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Golz, R. A., Flum, D. R., Sanchez, S. E., Liu, X., Donovan, C., & Drake, F. T. Geographic association between incidence of acute appendicitis and socioeconomic status. JAMA Surgery.