Graduate Course Offerings

Grad course offerings, with instructors, with prerequisites in parentheses:

Number Title Fall (odd)                Spring (even) Fall (even) Spring (odd)
GEOG 701 Field Methods in Human Geography       x
GEOG 702 Field Methods in Physical Geography x   x  
GEOG 704 Environmental Data Science  x   x  
GEOG 705 Geographical Analysis   x   x
GEOG 711 Remote Sensing of the Environment II (610)   x   x
GEOG 720 Geographic Information Systems (603/equivalent) x   x  
GEOG 721 GIS for Environmental Analysis (603/equivalent, statistics)   x   x
GEOG 751 Environmental Management (600 or consent) x   x  
GEOG 801 Scope and Method in Geography (classified standing) x   x  
GEOG 810 Seminar in Biogeography (801 + 316 or 657)   x    
GEOG 810 Seminar in Geomorphology (801 + 312 or 642)       x
GEOG 810 Seminar in Climatology (801 + 313 or 314) x      
GEOG 815 Seminar in Geographic Techniques (upper division GIScience coursework) x   x  
GEOG 820 Seminar in Human/Social Geography (801 + instructor-depended course)  


Land Use/Transp


Food/Health/Env Justice


Water Resources

GEOG 857 Issues in Marine and Estuarine Conservation     x