San Pedro Creek Flood Control Project: Integrative Analysis of Natural Hazard Response

Many different elements influenced the San Pedro Creek Flood Control Project, a 
response to the flood hazard along San Pedro Creek in Pacifica, California. The 
influences of the different elements are evaluated using Risa Palm’s integrative 
framework, which consists of three levels of elements (macro, meso, and micro) 
influencing hazard response, the specific environment of the hazard, and the linkages 
between and within all of the levels. Palm’s framework brings to light the complexity of 
hazard response and helps to identify issues in planning and implementing the flood 
control project that may be minimized in the future. Meso-level elements significantly 
influenced the planning and implementation of the flood control project; however, the 
goals, experience, and values of the individual acting in a meso-level role often most 
significantly influenced the direction of those meso-level elements.