Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications by Faculty, Students and Staff
Author Title Journal or Publisher Year Type
Jason Henderson, Natalie Gulsrud Street Fights in Copenhagen: Bicycle and Car Politics in a Green Mobility City Routledge 2019 book
Tendai Chitewere Sustainable Community and Green Lifestyles Routledge 2018 book
Sara Baguskas, Rachel Clemesha, Michael Loik Coastal low cloudiness and fog enhance crop water use efficiency in a California agricultural system Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2018 research article
Leora Nanus, DH Campbell, CMB Lehmann, MA Mast Spatial and temporal variation in sources of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Rocky Mountains using nitrogen isotopes Atmospheric Environment 2018 research article
Anna Studwell, Ellen Hines, Meredith Elliott, Julie Howar, Barbara Holzman, Nadav Nur, Jaime Jahncke Modeling Nonresident Seabird Foraging Distributions to Inform Ocean Zoning in Central California PLOS ONE 2017 research article
P. Moss, Courtney Donovan Writing Intimacy into Feminist Geography Routledge 2017 book
Courtney Donovan Accelerating Intimacy with Digital Health? Routledge 2017 book chapter
Leora Nanus, J. McMurray, DW Clow, J. Saros, T. Blett, Jason Gurdak Spatial Variation of Atmospheric Deposition and Nitrogen Critical Loads for Aquatic Ecosystems in the Greater Yellowstone Area Environmental Pollution 2017 research article
F. Castellvi, Andrew Oliphant Daytime sensible and latent heat flux estimates for a mountain meadow using in-situ slow-response measurements Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2017 research article
Jerry Davis, Joseph Chojnacki Two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform analysis of karst and coral reef morphologies Transactions in GIS 2017 research article
Anna Davenport, Jerry Davis, Isa Woo, Eric Grossman, Jesse Barham, Christopher Ellings, John Takekawa Comparing digitized and automated classification approaches to detect change in eelgrass bed extent during restoration of a large river delta Northwest Science 2017 research article
Tendai Chitewere, JK Shim, JC Barker, IH Yen How neighborhoods influence health: Lessons to be learned from the application of political ecology Health & Place 2017 research article
Andrew Oliphant, Garrett Bradford Micrometeorology of an ephemeral desert city, the Burning Man experiment Urban Climate 2017 research article
AF Johnson, M Caillat, GM Verutes, C Peter, C Junchumpoo, V Long, LS Ponnampalam, RL Lewison, Ellen Hines Poor fisheries struggle with U.S. import rule Science 2017 research article
Arnold Thompson, Jerry Davis, Andrew Oliphant Surface runoff and soil erosion under eucalyptus and oak canopy Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 2016 research article
Nicole Foletta, Jason Henderson Low Car(bon) Communities: Inspiring Car-Free and Car-Lite Urban Futures Routledge 2016 book
Peter Christian, Jerry Davis Hillslope gully photogeomorphology using structure-from-motion Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 2016 research article
Adam McClure, XiaoHang Liu, Ellen Hines Error reduction techniques on a LiDAR-derived salt marsh digital elevation model Journal of Coastal Research 2016 research article
Laurel Ballanti, Leonhard Blesius, Ellen Hines, Bill Kruse Tree Species Classification Using Hyperspectral Imagery: A Comparison of Two Classifiers. Remote Sensing 2016 research article
Jason Gurdak, G. Geyer, Leora Nanus, M. Taniguchi, C. Corona Scale dependence of controls on groundwater vulnerability in the water-energy-food nexus, California Coastal Basin aquifer system Journal of Hydrology -- Regional Studies 2016 research article
P. Weiss-Penzias, K. Coale, K. Heim, Andrew Oliphant, C. Dodge, D. Hoskins, J. Farlin, R. Moranville, A. Olson Total- and monomethyl-mercury and major ions in coastal California fog water: Results from two years of sampling on land and at sea Total- and monomethyl-mercury in coastal California fog on land and at sea Elem. Sci. Anth. 2016 research article
Jason Henderson Freeway removed: The politics of automobility in San Francisco Routledge 2015 book chapter
Andrew Oliphant, RCA Hindmarsh, NJ Cullen, W Lawson Microclimate and mass fluxes of debris laden ice surfaces in the Taylor Valley, Antarctica Antarctic Science 2015 research article
Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius A hybrid physical and maximum-entropy landslide susceptibility model Entropy 2015 research article
XiaoHang Liu, H Hu, Peng Hu Accuracy assessment of LiDAR-derived DEMs based on approximation theory Remote Sensing 2015 research article
DW Clow, HA Roop, Leora Nanus, and others Spatial patterns of atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and sulfur using ion-exchange resin collectors in Rocky Mountain National Park Atmospheric Environment 2015 research article
Jennifer Blecha Regulating backyard slaughter: Strategies and gaps in municipal livestock ordinances Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 2015 research article
Tendai Chitewere Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community Environmental Magazine 2015 book review
Caitlin Jensen, Ellen Hines, J Redfern, Barbara Holzman Spatial and temporal variability in shipping traffic entering and exiting San Francisco Bay Coastal Management 2015 research article
Jason Henderson From Climate Fight to Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in the Bay Area Routledge 2015 book chapter
Hai Hu, XiaoHang Liu, Peng Hu Voronoi diagram generation on the ellipsoidal earth Computers and Geosciences 2014 research article
N. Kain, D. Yee-Melichar, Courtney Donovan Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities Springer 2014 book
C Clements, Andrew Oliphant The California State University- Mobile Atmospheric Profiling System (CSU-MAPS): A facility for research and education in boundary-layer meteorology Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 2014 research article
Andrea Dransfield, Ellen Hines, Barbara Holzman, M Elliot, J Howar, Jaime Jahncke Where the Whales are: Using habitat modeling to support changes in shipping regulations within National Marine Sanctuaries in Central California. Endangered Species Research 2014 research article
HH Edwards, SBP Stone, Ellen Hines, NA Gomez, BE Winning Documenting manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus) presence at Turneffe Atoll in Belize and its conservation significance, Central America Caribbean Journal of Science 2014 research article
DK Briscoe, Seth Hiatt, R Lewison, Ellen Hines Modeling habitat and bycatch risk for dugongs in Sabah, Malaysia Endangered Species Research 2014 research article
Courtney Donovan Representations of Health, Embodiment, and Experience in Graphic Memoir Configurations 2014 research article
Courtney Donovan Graphic pathogeographies Journal of Medical Humanities 2014 research article
XiaoHang Liu, Peng Hu, Hai Hu The “M” in digital elevation models Cartography and Geographical Information Science 2014 research article
ME Newcomer, Jason Gurdak, Leonard Sklar, Leora Nanus Urban recharge beneath low impact development and effects of climate variability and change Water Resources Research 2014 research article
Brian Harvey, Barbara Holzman Divergent successional pathways of stand development following fire in a California closed-cone pine forest Journal of Vegetation Science 2014 research article
Jason Sherba, Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis Object-based classification of abandoned logging roads under heavy canopy using LiDAR Remote Sensing 2014 research article
Michelle Slocombe, Jerry Davis Morphology of small, discontinuous montane meadow streams in the Sierra Nevada Geomorphology 2014 research article
Jennifer Blecha, Adam Davis Backyard livestock slaughter and food production: identifying conflicting perspectives among urban San Francisco Bay Area residents Geoforum 2014 research article
Brian Harvey, Barbara Holzman, AB Forrestel Forest resilience following severe wildfire in a semi-urban National Park Fremontia 2014 research article
L Ponnampalam, Ellen Hines, and others Behavioral observations on Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) in Trat Province, Eastern Gulf of Thailand Aquatic Mammals 2013 research article
Jennifer McGowan, Ellen Hines, Andrea Dransfield, and others Using seabird habitat modeling to inform marine spatial planning in Central California’s National Marine Sanctuaries PLoS ONE 2013 research article
Jennifer Blecha, Helga Leitner Reimagining the food system, the economy and urban life: New urban chicken‐keepers in U.S. cities Urban Geography 2013 research article
J Pisek, Y Ryu, M Sprintsin, L He, Andrew Oliphant, and others Retrieving vegetation clumping index from Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) data at 275 m resolution Remote Sensing of Environment 2013 research article
J Pisek, Andrew Oliphant A note on the height variation of foliage clumping: comparison with remote sensing retrievals Remote Sensing Letters 2013 research article
Jerry Davis, Stephanie Sims Physical and maximum entropy models applied to inventories of hillslope sediment sources Journal of Soils and Sediments 2013 research article
AL Steiner, D Mermelstein, SJ Cheng, TE Twine, Andrew Oliphant Observed impact of atmospheric aerosols on the surface energy budget. Earth Interactions 2013 research article
Jason Henderson Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in San Francisco University of Massachusetts Press 2013 book
Tanya Augsburg, Tendai Chitewere Starting with World Views: A Five-Step Preparatory Approach to Integrative Interdisciplinary Learning Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies 2013 research article
Andrew Oliphant Terrestrial ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of CO2, water and energy from FLUXNET; Review and meta-analysis of a global in-situ observatory Geography Compass 2012 research article
Tendai Chitewere Between a rock and a green place: Exploring the relationship between green consumerism and social justice Lulu 2012 book chapter
KS LaCommare, C Self-Sullivan, Ellen Hines, S Brault A boat-based method for monitoring sirenians: Antillean manatee case study. Biological Conservation 2012 research article
CA Keller, L Garrison, R Baumstark, LI Ward-Geiger, Ellen Hines Defining calving habitat for the North Atlantic right whale in the southeastern United States: An application of a habitat model. Endangered Species Research 2012 research article
XiaoHang Liu, Jason Sherba, and others Approximation theory applied to DEM vertical accuracy assessment Transactions in GIS 2012 research article
DW Clow, Leora Nanus, and others Evaluation of SNODAS snow depth and snow water equivalent estimates for the Colorado Rocky Mountains Hydrological Processes 2012 research article
Kota Funayama, Ellen Hines, Jerry Davis, Sarah Allen Effects of sea-level rise on northern elephant seals at Point Reyes peninsula, California Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 2012 research article
Ellen Hines, and others Sirenian Conservation: Issues and Strategies in Developing Countries The University Press of Florida 2012 book
Leora Nanus, and others Mapping critical loads of nitrogen deposition for aquatic ecosystems in the Rocky Mountains, USA Environmental Pollution 2012 research article
Ellen Hines Dugong conservation Jones & Bartlett 2012 book chapter
Casey Cleve, Barbara Holzman, Ellen Hines, and others Addressing biased occurrence data in predicting potential Sierra Nevada red fox habitat for survey prioritization Endangered Species Research 2011 research article
Tendai Chitewere, Nina Roberts Speaking of justice: Exploring ethnic minority perspectives of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area Environmental Practice 2011 research article
Brian Harvey, Barbara Holzman, Jerry Davis Spatial variability in stand structure and density-dependent mortality in a post-fire California closed-cone pine forest Journal of Forest Ecology and Management 2011 research article
Jason Henderson Level of service: the politics of reconfiguring urban streets in San Francisco, CA Journal of Transport Geography 2011 research article
Jason Henderson The politics of mobility in the South: A commentary on sprawl, automobility and the Gulf Oil Spill Southeastern Geographer 2011 research article
Andrew Oliphant, and others Surface energy and water vapor fluxes observed in a desert plantation in central Iran Journal of Arid Environments 2011 research article
Andrew Oliphant, and others The role of sky conditions on gross primary production in a mixed deciduous forest Agriculture and Forest Meteorology 2011 research article
Dorothy Dick, Ellen Hines Development and implementation of distance sampling techniques to determine bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) abundance at Turneffe Atoll, Belize. Marine Mammal Science 2011 research article
Matt Merrifield, Ellen Hines, XiaoHang Liu, and others Building regional threat-based networks for estuaries in the western United States PLoS ONE 2011 research article
Cynthia Powell, Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis Using MODIS snow cover and precipitation data to model water runoff for the Mokelumne River Basin in the Sierra Nevada, California (2000–2009) Global and Planetary Change 2011 research article
Tendai Chitewere Sustainable Living and Community Building in EcoVillage at Ithaca: The challenges of incorporating social justice concerns into the practices of an ecological cohousing community Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. 2010 book chapter
XiaoHang Liu Urban growth control and farmland preservation in west China Lexington Books 2010 book chapter
Qian Guo American agricultural conservation: Lessons for China’s Great West development Lexington Books 2010 book chapter
VRK Murthy, J Milford, K Stigter, S Orlandini, Andrew Oliphant, and others Agricultural meteorological elements and their observations World Meteorological Organization 2010 research article
DW Clow, Leora Nanus, B Huggett Use of regression-based models to map sensitivity of aquatic resources to atmospheric deposition in Yosemite National Park Water Resources Research 2010 research article
Karen Grove, Leonard Sklar, Annie Scherer, Gina Lee, Jerry Davis Accelerating and spatially-varying crustal uplift and its geomorphic expression, San Andreas Fault zone north of San Francisco, California Tectonophysics 2010 research article
Leonhard Blesius, Frank Weirich Shallow landslide susceptibility mapping using stereo air photos and thematic maps Cartography and Geographic Information Science 2010 research article
W Yang, W Ni-Meister, N Kiang, P Moorcroft, AH Strahler, Andrew Oliphant A clumped-foliage canopy radiative transfer model for global dynamic terrestrial ecosystem model II: Validation Agriculture and Forest Meteorology 2010 research article
Barbara Holzman, Qian Guo Grassroots environmental management: Can it be a model for western China? Lexington Books 2010 book chapter
Jason Henderson The spaces of parking: Mapping the politics of mobility in San Francisco Antipode 2009 research article
JP Doukakis, ECM Parsons, WCG Burns, AK Salomon, Ellen Hines, JA Cigliano Gaining traction: Re-treading the wheels of marine conservation Conservation Biology 2009 research article
Courtney Donovan Situating politics in medical and health geography John Wiley & Sons 2009 book chapter
Leora Nanus, and others Assessment of lake sensitivity to acidic deposition in national parks of the Rocky Mountains Ecological Applications 2009 research article
PX Hu, XiaoHang Liu, H Hu Isomorphism in digital elevation models and its implication to interpolation functions Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 2009 research article
Miguel Fernandez, Stanley Blum, Steffen Reichle, Qinghua Guo, Barbara Holzman, Healy Hamilton Locality uncertainty and the differential performance of four common niche-based modeling techniques Biodiversity Informatics 2009 research article
Qian Guo Why is Xinjiang Still a New Dominion for China? Lexington Books 2009 book chapter
AB Novak, Ellen Hines, and others Revised ranges of seagrass species in the Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar Aquatic Botany 2009 research article
Melanie Vanderhoof, Barbara Holzman, Chris Rogers Predicting the distribution of perennial pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium), San Francisco Bay Area, California Invasive Plant Science and Management 2009 book chapter
XiaoHang Liu, Julia Griswold Pedestrian volume modeling: A case study of San Francisco APCG yearbook 2009 research article
PX Hu, XiaoHang Liu, H Hu Accuracy assessment of digital elevation models based on approximation theory. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 2009 research article
XiaoHang Liu, and others Population density estimation based on regression supplemented by kriging-based residual modeling International Journal of Geographical Information Systems 2008 research article
Andrew Oliphant Hydroclimatology McGraw-Hill 2008 book chapter
XiaoHang Liu The accuracy assessment in areal interpolation: An empirical investigation Science in China Series E: Technological Sciences 2008 research article
Ellen Hines, and others Conservation needs of the dugong (Dugong dugon) in Cambodia & Phu Quoc, Vietnam Oryx 2008 research article
Robert Sas, Leonard Sklar, LS Eaton, Jerry Davis A method for developing regional road-fill failure hazard assessments using GIS and virtual fieldwork Environmental & Engineering Geoscience 2008 research article
Barbara Holzman Biomes of the World: Volume Two: Tropical Forests Biomes Greenwood Publishing Group 2008 book
GP Ingersoll, MA Mast, DH Campbell, DW Clow, Leora Nanus, JT Turk Trends in snowpack chemistry and comparison to National Atmospheric Deposition Program results for the Rocky Mountains US, 1993- 2004 Atmospheric Environment 2008 research article
Leora Nanus, and others Evaluating regional patterns in nitrate sources to watersheds in national parks of the Rocky Mountains using nitrate isotopes Environmental Science and Technology 2008 research article