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The Department of Geography & Environment provides undergraduate and graduate programs in Geography (B.A. & M.A.), Environmental Science (B.S.), Resource Management & Environmental Planning (M.A), and Geographic Information Science (M.S.).  The department supports research with field and lab equipment, and computer labs with advanced GIS, remote sensing and modeling software.  Department faculty have active research programs involving students. Our degree programs provide multiple perspectives and tools to understand the relationships between people and their environments, and to solve problems related to local and global change.

creek at Pt. Reyes Point Reyes:  

Geog 316 Biogeography Spring 2015

faculty retreat Jan 2016 January 2016 Faculty Retreat:  

Group photo of full-time faculty, Jan 2016.

Lassen Peak Lassen Peak 2017:  

Landforms class on Lassen Peak, Fall 2017.

Shasta Geog 647 Water Resources:  

Mt. Shasta and Shasta Dam.  Photo:  Michael Kohn.

creek leap 312 Lassen:  

Kings Creek, 2010

flooded meadow Geog 810 Geomorphology:  

Knuthson Meadow on May 1 2011.  Photo: by Owen Parker. 

office cleanup Cleaning up Max's office:  

Cleaning up an amazing collection in Max Kirkeberg's office, 2018.

backpackers Geog 312 Landforms 1991:  

Marble Mountains Backpackers.  Photo:  Jerry Davis

Mini Flux Tower:  

Andrew Oliphant and Michelle Slocombe in Knuthson Meadow, at the end of a spring-to-summer flux monitoring experiment on a restored meadow, 2012.  Photo:  J. Davis.

Whiskeytown Falls Geog 647 Water Resources:  

Whiskeytown Falls.  2009.  Photo:  N. Wilkinson.

Tianshan Kazak summer camp Tianshan Kazak summer camp:  

Photo:  Qian Guo.

427 class on a front-end loader Geog 427 :  

Ag & Food students

Freda B Freda B:  

Geog 651 students on the Freda B sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge

Geography Bike Tour 2017 Henderson Bicycle Tour:  

Henderson's Geography Bike Tours 2017

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir Geog 820 Water:  

From hike on north side of Hetch Hetchy.  Photo:  Alex Roa, 2011.

sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge Freda B under the Golden Gate Bridge:  

Geog 651 students sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge

Quentin Clark on cliff in the Farallons Quentin Clark in the Farallons:  

Quentin Clark basking in the coastal fog while contemplating life with one of the many seagulls.

landslide Geog 810 Hazards:  

Post-fire landslide potential.  Photo:  L. Blesius.

total station:  

Gully survey, ground control points

building a drone Building the Matrice 100 drone:  

Ray and Kevin building the Matrice 100 drone with the Altum 6-band camera, summer 2019.

students in the redwoods Geog 316:  

in Redwoods.  Photo:  K. Kolodjay.

students at the Director's cabin Field Camp in the Sierra:  

Field Methods and Watershed Assessment students at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus, Fall 2019.

Students observing hydraulic processes on the North Yuba River Supercritical & Subcritical Flow:  

Landforms students observing hydraulic processes on the North Yuba River, 2013.  Photo:  Rosie Linares.

Irrawaddy Dolphin Research Team Thailand:  

Irrawaddy Dolphin research, Jan 2013

shark attack Geog 316 :  

Shark attack at the Farallone.  Photo:  Kurt Menning.

surveying on a beach Geog 101:  

Dune and Beach Survey.  

pond Geog 810 Geomorphology :  

Pond & Plug Restoration, S2011.

bike lane Bike lane on Market St.:  

Photo:  Jason Henderson.

beach Biogeographers at the beach:  

Geog 316 Spring 2015

students surveying plants at Briones Geog 657 Natural Resource Management:  

Surveying plants at Briones.  Photo:  B. Holzman

top of Cinder Cone Geog 312, Fall 2011.:  

Lassen from top of Cinder Cone

end of term party Dec. 2011:  

End of Term Party in HSS 290.

Lassen group shot Lassen group shot FA2017:  

Lassen from Cinder Cone, Geog 312 Landforms class, Fall 2017.

Kazak summer camp kids Kazak summer camp kids:  

Photo:  Qian Guo.

grilling at the SNFC Dinner at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus:  

Field methods and watershed class field school grilling dinner at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus, FA2019.

students SFUSD Green Academy Visit:  

Students from the SF Unified School District Green Academy, 2018.

camp AAG 2009:  

Death Valley Camp. 

bikes Bicycle group at the Academy of Sciences:  

Geog 435 bicycle field trip to the Academy of Sciences

flux tower Flux Tower 2019, Red Clover Valley:  

Installing the flux tower at Red Clover Valley, summer 2019.

Uighur woman in western Tarim basin Uighur woman in western Tarim basin:  

Photograph by Qian Guo.

forest hike Pt. Reyes Hike:  

Geog 316 Biogeography field trip to Pt. Reyes

Landforms class at meadow by Sierra Buttes Geog 312 at Sierra Buttes:  

Field Trip to Sierra Buttes, Fall 2013. Photo:  Rosie Linares.

Water resources students at Lake Oroville Lake Oroville:  

Geog 647 Water Resources field trip -- Lake Oroville

Spring 2011 students Geog 810 Geomorphology 2011:  

Hydraulic Mine sluicebox tunnel. Photo:  by Jerry's camera

surveying vegetation Surveying vegetation at Crissy Fields, GGNRA:  

Field methods students surveying vegetation in the Presidio.

word cloud of thesis titles 10 years of thesis titles :  


Marble Valley:  

Soil carbon dioxide Field Research, 1997.  Photo:  J. Davis.

Dolphins Mating Herd:  

Irrawaddy Dolphins in a mating herd in Trat Province, Thailand, February, 2013.  Photo: Tara Whitty

bike and Muni Transportation SF:  

Photo:  Jason Henderson.

student and dairy cow Geog 427 Agriculture & Food Supply:  

Student and dairy cow.   Photo:  Jen Blecha.

students testing soil Geog 317 Soils 2010:  

Testing clay content.  Photo:  L. Blesius.

trees in a creek Exhumed 19th Century Forest:  

Greenhorn Creek, hydraulic mining tailings.  Photo:  Jerry Davis

students on ship Geog 651 students on the Freda B:  

Field trip on the sailboat on the bay

Karamay petroleum field and city Karamay petroleum field and city:  

Photo: Qian Guo.

salamander Amphibiophile:  

Geog 316 Biogeography field trip to Pt. Reyes

irrigation siphons Geog 427. Ag & Food:  

Students as farm hands, starting irrigation siphons.  Photo:  Jen Blecha.

UAS-surveyed gully hillshade map gully map:  

UAS-surveyed gully map

Post-Fire Recovery Mt. Diablo:  

Geog 316 Biogeography Spring 2015.

group shot under a live oak Mt. Diablo Field Trip:  

Geog 316 Biogeography Spring 2015

AIDS walk AIDS Walk 2012 :  

Geography Team

Geog 317 2010:  

Soil sample

Gully Gully Orthophotomap:  

Gully Orthophotomap from UAS

gully internal:  

Gully subject of UAS survey, coastal San Mateo County

redwoods Geog 316 Biogeography:  


Ione, CA Geog 317:  

Ione soils. Photo:  Scott Weinstock.

bikes Critical Mass August 2003:  

Market St., SF.  Photo:  Jason Henderson.

160 lab session Geog 160 Intro to Environmental Science Lab:  

Julian Logiudici teaching a Geog 160 intro Environmental Science lab session in the environmental science teaching lab -- HSS 383.

hiking over the dam Geog 647 Water Resources:  

Shasta Dam.  Photo:  Kate Kilduff.

Overlooking the South Yuba River. Stream Piracy 312:  

Landforms class at Emigrant Gap 2013. Photo: Rosie Linares.

Gardisky Pass Geog 312 Landforms:  

Gardisky Pass, east of Yosemite, 2004.

hand-drawn map uncovered in the map library Hand-drawn cartography:  

Hand drawn map of the Bay Area uncovered in the map library

Gully Gully Orthophotomap:  

Gully Orthophotomap from UAS

strawberry fields Geog 427 at Full Belly Farms:  

Strawberry Gleaners.  Photo: Jen Blecha 

Karamay Irtix river diversion Karamay Irtix river diversion:  

Photo:  Qian Guo.

satellite image Geog 610 Remote Sensing of Environment:  


ducks Duck Rescue:  

Geog 647 Field Trip to the Central Valley, visiting the duck rescue group.

Max's Door Max Door:  

Max's door.

Bike to Work Day 2014:  

Bike to Work Day, May 8, 2014.

One hour ride from SFSU and returning.  Led by Jason Henderson, with Les and Phyllis Wong.  

releasing a weather balloon Weather Balloon:  

Andrew releasing a weather balloon during flux tower demo at RTC.  Photo:  J. Davis.

drone team Drone team in Red Clover Valley:  

Kevin Physioc, Jerry Davis, and Ray LeBeau

cube Cube chamber method for CO2 and water vapor flux:  

Andrew Oliphant, Shamim Mousavi, Ray LeBeau

beaver dam Reinforced Beaver Dam:  

On Dixie Creek.  Ray LeBeau, 2019.

maps of thermal and multispectral imagery Thermal & Multispectral Imagery from Drones:  

Section of Red Clover Valley mapped on 30 June 2019.

group shot Cube Team at the Field Campus:  

Shamim Mousavi, Kevin Simonin, Sara Baguskas, Andrew Oliphant, Quentin Clark.  June 2019.

Kevin & Matrice Kevin & the Matrice 100 drone:  

For the Altum 6-band multispectral camera.

book cover
Map Studying Pitch Canker Disease by Drone:  

Multispectral drone imaging of pitch canker disease in Bishop Pines at Point Reyes, 2018.

Oakland map Clustering Analysis:  

Joe Ahrenholtz (MS GISc 2020). Modeling the Effects of Density Zoning on Racial/Ethnic Clustering in Oakland.

studying oyster drill habitat Oyster Drill Habitat Analysis:  

Jeffrey Blumenthal (MA Geog RMEP 2020). Spatial Modeling of Oyster Drill Habitat Preferences in Richardson Bay, California

high mountain forest Temperate Montane Forest:  

Paul Dunn (2020) Geospatial Analysis of the Effects of Canopy Insolation Partitioning on Biodiversity in a Temperate Montane Forest

aquatic vegetation Invasive Floating Vegetation Study:  

Michael Tarantino (MS GISc 2020) Comparing Classification Methods for Mapping Invasive Floating Vegetation in the Sacramento Delta.  

map of results of detection Computer Vision:  

Logan Wenzler (MS GISc 2019) Remote Sensing and Computer Vision Algorithms at Scale: Defense and Humanitarian Uses.

seabird foraging Seabird Foraging :  

Anna Studwell (MA Geography 2016) Predicting Nonresident Seabird Foraging Habitat to Inform Conservation Planning

gully Gully mapping:  

C. Brandt Bates (MS GISc 2019). Multi-temporal DEM and Land Use Analysis for Determining Gully Formation.

planning maps Participatory Mapping:  

Salma Abdel-Raheem (MS GISc 2019). Using participatory mapping for marine spatial planning in Saint George's Caye, Belize.

drone image Pitch canker drone mapping:  

Kang Xiong (MS GISc 2019). A Remote Sensing Analysis of Pitch Canker in Bishop Pines at Point Reyes National Seashore.

map of Mt. Tam Cartography for Search & Rescue:  

Mitch Wilks (MS GISc 2019). Cartographic Communication for a Search and Rescue Map.

Maacama Creek Water security & ecological protection during drought:  

Kelly Krotcov (MA Geog RMEP 2019). Tradeoffs of water security and adequate ecological protection during drough, coastal California.

Sustainable Landscape Mapping:  

Jessica Woodard (MA Geog RMEP). Mainstreaming Sustainable Landscapes in EBMUD.

Pennsylvania maps Safe Drinking Water:  

Zoe Statman-Weil (MS GISc 2019). Disparities in Community Water Systems' Compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.

tweet mapping NY Tweet Mapping:  

Ben Wheeler (MS GISc 2018). Using Social Media to Collect Spatial Political Information for Decision Support.

Niles Canyon dam removal Dam Removal:  

Andrea Sproul (MA Geog RMEP 2018). Evaluating Small Dam Removal Planning in the SF Bay Area.

flooding creek Floodplain Restoration:  

Jarrad Fisher (MS GISc 2018). Butano Creek Floodplain Restoration Geomorphic Response.

Seabird Migration Modeling:  

Max Czapansky (MS GISc 2018). Seabird Habitat Accessibility Determined by Energetic Responses to Wind.

SF affordable housing SF housing analysis:  

Sally Shatford (MS GISc 2018). Examining areas of income-based segregation and affordable housing locations, San Francisco.

map of meadows Meadow Classification:  

Austen Lorenz (MS GISc 2018). Classifying Meadow Hydrogeomorphic Types with LiDAR and Multispectral Imagery using OBIA.

graph of Loney Meadow Loney Meadow:  

Darren Blackburn (MA Geog 2017). Investigation of Carbon and Water Fluxes in a Sierra Nevada Meadow.

Don Edwards NWR Environmental Education:  

Jessica Sloan (MA Geog 2017). Evaluating Visitation at Don Edwards NWR: Encouraging Environmental Education and Urban Conservation.

water quality sampling Water Quality Sampling:  

Sam Stein (MA Geog RMEP 2017). An Examination of Water Quality in the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project.

appendicitis mapping Appendicitis Mapping:  

Reece Golz (MA Geog 2017). Incident Rates of Acute Appendicitis in Washington State: A Geographic Analysis.

Riparian Corridor Maps Riparian Corridors:  

Tom Robinson (MS GISc 2017). Mapping Ecologically Functional Riparian Corridors Using LiDAR and Hydrologic Landscape Analysis.

Limonium ramosissimum Mapping invasive wetland plants:  

Kerstin Kalchmayr (MA Geog RMEP 2016). Assessing spatio-temporal changes of invasive Limonium ramosissimum in SF Bay wetlands.

spring runoff on meadow Meadow spring runoff:  

May 1 2011 spring runoff filling ephemeral channels, Knuthson Meadow.

Farallon NWR:  

Richard Chasey (MA Geog RMEP 2016). Southeast Farallon Island Seed Bank Characterization.

lunar crater maps Lunar Crater Detection:  

Allison Barnes (MS GISc 2016). An Object-Oriented Classification of Impact Craters Using Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Data.

meadow sampling Meadow Sampling:  

Suzanne Maher (MA Geography 2016). Bio-micrometeorology of a Sierra Nevada montane meadow.

map library Map Library:  

The place for finding field research equipment, advising from peers, and having lunch...

Street Fight book cover Street Fight:  

Henderson Jason (2013). Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in San Francisco.  

false color image Multispectral Ponds:  

False color (NIR, Rededge, Red) of ponds and plug in Knuthson Meadow capture by multispectral drone, 2017.