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In the interest of safeguarding the health of our students, faculty and staff, San Francisco State University is taking steps to further limit the potential for COVID-19 to spread within our community per the directive from the university president. Please see current university notifcations at news.sfsu.edu/covid-19All classes are being held in online mode through Summer 2021, so students will have received information from their instructors about how their classes will operate. The department and IGISc have been researching methods for online instruction and off-campus software access for years. We are glad to be able to use our experience and the cooperation we have developed with campus ITS/AT to provide as effective remote support as possible for teaching and research needs for SF State students, faculty, and staff.

Given these capabilities and the circumstances, we have decided to close our department office and in-person lab spaces during this partial campus closure period to reduce risk of exposure for everyone. This will impact all department and IGISc lab spaces. Staff and faculty responsible for these spaces are working remotely, and should be reached via email if necessary.  Please contact faculty and staff via email (see contact information on this web page and the IGISc page http://gis.sfsu.edu) for assistance and to answer any questions. For the most recent campus information, see news.sfsu.edu/covid-19.

Online resources for accessing computer software is covered at the IGISc web site: 


Students needing help with forms should contact advisors or office staff, preferably by email at the addresses on the People section of this web page.

The Department of Geography & Environment provides undergraduate and graduate programs in Geography (B.A. & M.A.), Environmental Science (B.S.), Resource Management & Environmental Planning (M.A), and Geographic Information Science (M.S.).  The department supports research with field and lab equipment, and computer labs with advanced GIS, remote sensing and modeling software.  Department faculty have active research programs involving students. Our degree programs provide multiple perspectives and tools to understand the relationships between people and their environments, and to solve problems related to local and global change.

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir Geog 820 Water:  

From hike on north side of Hetch Hetchy.  Photo:  Alex Roa, 2011.

Karamay Irtix river diversion Karamay Irtix river diversion:  

Photo:  Qian Guo.

Geog 317 2010:  

Soil sample

bikes Critical Mass August 2003:  

Market St., SF.  Photo:  Jason Henderson.

shark attack Geog 316 :  

Shark attack at the Farallone.  Photo:  Kurt Menning.

427 class on a front-end loader Geog 427 :  

Ag & Food students

bike and Muni Transportation SF:  

Photo:  Jason Henderson.

satellite image Geog 610 Remote Sensing of Environment:  


Gardisky Pass Geog 312 Landforms:  

Gardisky Pass, east of Yosemite, 2004.

students in the redwoods Geog 316:  

in Redwoods.  Photo:  K. Kolodjay.

flooded meadow Geog 810 Geomorphology:  

Knuthson Meadow on May 1 2011.  Photo: by Owen Parker. 

Tianshan Kazak summer camp Tianshan Kazak summer camp:  

Photo:  Qian Guo.

students surveying plants at Briones Geog 657 Natural Resource Management:  

Surveying plants at Briones.  Photo:  B. Holzman

top of Cinder Cone Geog 312, Fall 2011.:  

Lassen from top of Cinder Cone

Shasta Geog 647 Water Resources:  

Mt. Shasta and Shasta Dam.  Photo:  Michael Kohn.

trees in a creek Exhumed 19th Century Forest:  

Greenhorn Creek, hydraulic mining tailings.  Photo:  Jerry Davis

hiking over the dam Geog 647 Water Resources:  

Shasta Dam.  Photo:  Kate Kilduff.

Marble Valley:  

Soil carbon dioxide Field Research, 1997.  Photo:  J. Davis.

Spring 2011 students Geog 810 Geomorphology 2011:  

Hydraulic Mine sluicebox tunnel. Photo:  by Jerry's camera

Whiskeytown Falls Geog 647 Water Resources:  

Whiskeytown Falls.  2009.  Photo:  N. Wilkinson.

AIDS walk AIDS Walk 2012 :  

Geography Team

Uighur woman in western Tarim basin Uighur woman in western Tarim basin:  

Photograph by Qian Guo.

backpackers Geog 312 Landforms 1991:  

Marble Mountains Backpackers.  Photo:  Jerry Davis

redwoods Geog 316 Biogeography:  


students testing soil Geog 317 Soils 2010:  

Testing clay content.  Photo:  L. Blesius.

releasing a weather balloon Weather Balloon:  

Andrew releasing a weather balloon during flux tower demo at RTC.  Photo:  J. Davis.

camp AAG 2009:  

Death Valley Camp. 

student and dairy cow Geog 427 Agriculture & Food Supply:  

Student and dairy cow.   Photo:  Jen Blecha.

Kazak summer camp kids Kazak summer camp kids:  

Photo:  Qian Guo.

bike lane Bike lane on Market St.:  

Photo:  Jason Henderson.

surveying on a beach Geog 101:  

Dune and Beach Survey.  

Karamay petroleum field and city Karamay petroleum field and city:  

Photo: Qian Guo.

strawberry fields Geog 427 at Full Belly Farms:  

Strawberry Gleaners.  Photo: Jen Blecha 

Ione, CA Geog 317:  

Ione soils. Photo:  Scott Weinstock.

pond Geog 810 Geomorphology :  

Pond & Plug Restoration, S2011.

irrigation siphons Geog 427. Ag & Food:  

Students as farm hands, starting irrigation siphons.  Photo:  Jen Blecha.

landslide Geog 810 Hazards:  

Post-fire landslide potential.  Photo:  L. Blesius.

end of term party Dec. 2011:  

End of Term Party in HSS 290.

word cloud of thesis titles 10 years of thesis titles :  


creek leap 312 Lassen:  

Kings Creek, 2010

Irrawaddy Dolphin Research Team Thailand:  

Irrawaddy Dolphin research, Jan 2013

Dolphins Mating Herd:  

Irrawaddy Dolphins in a mating herd in Trat Province, Thailand, February, 2013.  Photo: Tara Whitty

Max's Door Max Door:  

Max's door.

Bike to Work Day 2014:  

Bike to Work Day, May 8, 2014.

One hour ride from SFSU and returning.  Led by Jason Henderson, with Les and Phyllis Wong.  

Landforms class at meadow by Sierra Buttes Geog 312 at Sierra Buttes:  

Field Trip to Sierra Buttes, Fall 2013. Photo:  Rosie Linares.

Overlooking the South Yuba River. Stream Piracy 312:  

Landforms class at Emigrant Gap 2013. Photo: Rosie Linares.

Students observing hydraulic processes on the North Yuba River Supercritical & Subcritical Flow:  

Landforms students observing hydraulic processes on the North Yuba River, 2013.  Photo:  Rosie Linares.

gully internal:  

Gully subject of UAS survey, coastal San Mateo County

total station:  

Gully survey, ground control points

UAS-surveyed gully hillshade map gully map:  

UAS-surveyed gully map

Gully Gully Orthophotomap:  

Gully Orthophotomap from UAS

Gully Gully Orthophotomap:  

Gully Orthophotomap from UAS

Mini Flux Tower:  

Andrew Oliphant and Michelle Slocombe in Knuthson Meadow, at the end of a spring-to-summer flux monitoring experiment on a restored meadow, 2012.  Photo:  J. Davis.

group shot under a live oak Mt. Diablo Field Trip:  

Geog 316 Biogeography Spring 2015

Post-Fire Recovery Mt. Diablo:  

Geog 316 Biogeography Spring 2015.

forest hike Pt. Reyes Hike:  

Geog 316 Biogeography field trip to Pt. Reyes

salamander Amphibiophile:  

Geog 316 Biogeography field trip to Pt. Reyes

creek at Pt. Reyes Point Reyes:  

Geog 316 Biogeography Spring 2015

beach Biogeographers at the beach:  

Geog 316 Spring 2015

Geography Bike Tour 2017 Henderson Bicycle Tour:  

Henderson's Geography Bike Tours 2017

Quentin Clark on cliff in the Farallons Quentin Clark in the Farallons:  

Quentin Clark basking in the coastal fog while contemplating life with one of the many seagulls.