GIS & Remote Sensing Technical Support

GIS and Remote Sensing Technical Support for Geog & Envt Faculty & Grad Students

  • Faculty and graduate student researchers seeking technical support for GIS and Remote Sensing software should email their supervising faculty member and cc: Academic Technology ( as well as the Associate Director of the Institute for Geographic Information Science (Anna Studwell: To help us better support you, please include in the email:

    • Your SFSU 9-digit ID
    • The software you need help with (ArcGIS, Erdas, *eCognition, *ENVI, *Pix4D – provide a specific version if you know it)
      • Please note that for some specialized software, we only have a few licenses and rely on your faculty supervisor to help us delegate their use – installing and licensing the software on your own computer, therefore, cannot always be guaranteed
    • Your computer’s operating system and version (e.g. Windows 10, Apple, etc...)
    • A short description of what you need help with (for example, expand about what kind of analysis you’re trying to accomplish or the issues you’re encountering with installation/licensing or working with GIS or RS online, etc..)
    • If you can provide a screenshot of any errors you’re encountering, this generally helps